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Probation Violations

Your freedom and future are at stake.

Avoid Or Respond To A Charge Of A Probation Violation

Probation is a good outcome in some criminal cases where other defenses are unlikely to achieve a dismissal or acquittal. Probation can allow you to carry on with your life and look forward to a brighter future starting now. If you fulfill the terms of your probation you can put the case behind you after the prescribed period of time. If your probation included diversion, you may escape having a criminal record altogether. In the event of a criminal record, it may be at a less serious level than would have been the case if your case had proceeded through a more typical conviction and penalty phase.

Unfortunately, violating probation terms can mean a return to prison and a reinstatement of harsh consequences such as jail time or a felony record in some cases. You may stand accused of a probation violation if you:

  • Allegedly offended again (with the same or another offense)
  • Did not pay required fines
  • Did not report to your probation officer as scheduled
  • Did not fulfill terms of your probation such as attending driving safety training or anger management sessions

If your probation violation came about because of new criminal charges, it is urgent that you get the best available defense for the new case. The Law Offices of Glew & Kim has an established track record of favorable outcomes in marijuana and other criminal matters. Contact us in Santa Ana for advice on your alleged probation violation.

You may have a compelling argument to present in your defense after you have been charged with a probation violation such as:

  • Circumstances beyond your control
  • Miscommunication from your probation officer or other officials

We are prepared to evaluate your case to determine the most positive way forward.

For Post-Conviction Relief, Including Defense Of A Probation Violation, Get An Experienced Defense Attorney On Your Side

Above all, do not ignore a notice that you have violated probation after a conviction. You could be back at the jailhouse before you know it. Even if you suspect you may get such a notice (because you missed a hearing, for example), contact one of our California defense lawyer at 714-713-4525 or by email. Schedule initial consultation as soon as possible.

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