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Parole Violations

Your freedom and future are at stake.

Does The Court Say You Violated Parole?

The Law Offices of Glew & Kim represents people at all stages of criminal cases — including clients on parole. If you are on parole, you are to be commended. Many incarcerated individuals do not succeed in their petitions for parole. Leaving jail or prison on parole can be the first step to returning to a normal life after a criminal case. Your future has finally begun.

But now you are in trouble again and you have heard “parole violation” used to describe your current predicament. This is an urgent legal matter and you must contact an attorney as soon as possible if you hope to avoid returning to jail or prison. You may be required to serve out the total of your original sentence or you may face an even longer sentence. Skillful, determined criminal defense is critical.

Contact The Law Offices of Glew & Kim in Santa Ana to speak with one of our lawyers if you are accused of violating parole because you allegedly:

  • Committed a crime — maybe the same crime that sent you to prison or maybe another one
  • Did not consent to being searched by police, thereby violating the terms of your parole
  • Did not live within the area (such as a county) that was specified in the terms of your parole deal
  • Did not register as a sex offender (if applicable) at a new address
  • Possessed or used a specific type of weapon, in violation of your parole terms
  • Accessed the internet when the terms of your parole specifically prohibited doing so
  • Associated with gang members
  • Were in contact with children or with a victim of a crime you were convicted of, in violation of the terms of your parole
  • Did not meet with a parole officer when you were obligated to appear
  • Did not pay penalties or meet other financial or legal conditions such as recompense of victims

We approach every parole or probation violation case with the belief that there is hope for a better outcome. We offer a free case analysis.

Contact The Law Offices Of Glew & Kim In Santa Ana After You Have Been Accused Of A Parole Violation — Or Have Reason To Believe You May Be Accused

Have you been arrested on charges that you violated parole, or have you received notification from your parole officer that you have violated the terms? Contact one of our California criminal law attorneys at 714-713-4525 or email us to schedule a consultation and a free case analysis.

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