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Federal Crimes

Your freedom and future are at stake.

Aggressive Defense Of Federal Crimes

The difference between a state crime and a federal crime sometimes has to do with severity or degree of an offense, such as:

  • Drug trafficking charges involving large quantities of controlled substances
  • Theft by fraud and other theft cases involving residents of different states and high dollar values
  • Tax evasion (which may be may be a civil or criminal matter, depending on severity)

In other criminal matters, the definition of a federal crime has to do with location of illegal actions; for example:

  • A kidnapping case involving transport of a victim across state lines
  • White collar crimes such as embezzlement, fraud and counterfeiting involving activity that crosses state lines either physically or virtually (through computer-based transactions)
  • Any criminal activity occurring on federal land, such as in a national park

Other federal crime cases involve crimes that violate federal laws; namely:

  • Bankruptcy laws
  • Intellectual property laws: copyright, patent or trademark laws
  • Maritime law

Other federal crimes include bank robbery, hate crimes, smuggling of immigrants and human trafficking across state lines.

Whatever federal crime charges you may face, it is important to work with a defense lawyer with ample experience in federal courts. At The Law Offices of Glew & Kim in Santa Ana, you will find attorneys who have the knowledge and skills needed to defend you effectively in any federal criminal court.

How Federal Crimes Differ From State Crime Cases

Federal offenses are an entirely different beast than state cases. Federal sentencing guidelines allow for less negotiation in federal practice. These guidelines provide a road map of where a particular offense fits based on criminal history and the nature of the offense. California federal crimes attorney Christopher Glew has consistently demonstrated skill at defense of clients facing federal crime charges. He is admitted to practice in the Central District Court and Northern District Court.

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