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Juvenile Crimes

Your freedom and future are at stake.

Juvenile Crimes Call For Special Handling And So Do Young Defendants

Common Juvenile Offenses

Many juvenile offenses charged are similar to adult crimes, ranging in seriousness from a misdemeanor for public misbehavior to felony for assault or attempted murder. Nearly a million juveniles a year are processed through the justice system, and many are admitted to public or private facilities after their convictions.

Some juvenile crimes are considered crimes only because of the age of the person accused. Underage drinking is a prime example. Some criminal offenses are not exclusively juvenile crimes but are especially common among the teenage population. Shoplifting and vandalism are examples.

We Take Seriously Our Role As Defenders Of Young People Charged With Crimes

At The Law Offices of Glew & Kim in Santa Ana, we consider representation of a minor in a criminal case to be a prime opportunity to make a great difference in his or her future. We work compassionately with teenagers charged with crimes as well as with their parents. Helping California families understand the criminal justice system is an important part of what we do for underage defendants. We are committed to a strong and effective defense of young people facing criminal charges.

How Juvenile Law Differs From Adult Criminal Cases

Juvenile law is handled quite differently than adult criminal cases. These cases are under the jurisdiction of the Division of Juvenile Justice. It takes an experienced juvenile defense attorney to navigate this process. Juveniles are offered many more diversion type programs, but they are not afforded the right to trial by jury.

Most commitments to a juvenile correctional agency are for nonviolent offenses; less than 30 percent of juvenile crime involves some sort of violence. According to the Pacific Center for Violence Prevention, 60 percent of juveniles who are referred to juvenile court for the first time never return on a new charge.

Juvenile Or Adult: A Key Issue In Defense Of Young People

Unfortunately, when it comes to violent juvenile crime, today’s prosecutors often attempt to try juveniles as adults. Too often these youth receive adult punishment, with heavy sentences that include life imprisonment and the death penalty.

We Are Prepared To Argue To Keep Your Criminal Charges In Juvenile Court

If we represent you (a young person) or your child (a minor) in a criminal matter, a top priority will be to keep your case in the juvenile defense category. We will fight hard for your constitutional rights and above all, for your future.

When It Comes To Allegations Of Juvenile Crimes, Defense Attorneys With Experience Are Your Most Important Allies

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