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Serious Crimes

Your freedom and future are at stake.

Top Defenses For People Charged With Violent Crimes

If you have been charged or arrested with a serious crime such as one of those listed below, you may wonder whether there is any hope for your defense. The answer to that question is nearly always yes, there is hope. The sooner you consult with an attorney, the more options you will have to achieve a favorable outcome. Glew & Kim skillfully defends Californians accused of violent crimes, including:

Defenses That May Apply In Your Case

Every set of circumstances is unique. A knowledgeable and insightful defense attorney will conduct a thorough investigation and analyze all known facts in light of relevant laws. He or she will collaborate with you, the defendant, in crafting and implementing an effective defense strategy. Possible defenses offering hope for a favorable outcome may be:

  • Insufficient evidence: According to your constitutional rights, the prosecutor must prove that you are guilty. Lack of clear, convincing evidence may mean your case should be dismissed.
  • Alleged victim’s lack of credibility: If there is good reason to suspect that the alleged victim is not telling the truth, and the case rests on his or her testimony, this can mean there is insufficient evidence to show that you are guilty as charged.
  • Disputable identification of you as the perpetrator: Can law enforcement agents, experts or the prosecutor prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you committed the alleged violent crime? If not, this can be important to your defense.
  • Self-defense: Perhaps you injured or killed someone to protect yourself. A well-prepared defense attorney can bring compelling arguments before a prosecutor, jury or judge.
  • Charges not correct: If the facts do not line up with the criminal charges, your case may be resolved in your favor on that basis.

This list of possible defenses is not exhaustive and should not be considered legal advice. An individual analysis of your case by a knowledgeable defense lawyer is the most effective way to arrive at an appropriate defense.

Your Constitutional Rights And Defense Of Violent Crimes

Attorneys Christopher M. Glew and Jina Kim are on your side from the beginning when it comes to defending your constitutional rights. Whether you made a mistake or were wrongly accused, Mr. Glew and Ms. Kim are ready to provide a criminal defense that focuses on protecting your rights, your freedom and your future.

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