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Felon In Possession

Your freedom and future are at stake.

If You Have Been Charged As An Alleged Felon In Possession

If you have been charged as an alleged felon in possession of a deadly weapon, you may have one or more legal challenges:

  • Being a “felon in possession” of a firearm is its own crime. This is a new criminal offense.
  • You may have violated terms of probation or parole, if applicable.
  • Your criminal case may include weapons violations that go beyond being a felon in possession.
  • You may face charges of alleged drug crimes, DUI or domestic violence that may be classified as aggravated because you had and/or used a deadly weapon.
  • You may face other related noncriminal legal problems such as trouble over a child custody case.
  • You may face other legal problems with this new charge.
An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can recommend a defense strategy suitable to your unique circumstances. The earlier you have quality, personalized representation, the more options there will be for a favorable outcome. Your lawyer may advise you to:

  • Request a retrial of your previous felony.
  • Aggressively fight the current charges.
  • Pursue all available opportunities for a favorable resolution of your case.
As an accused felon in possession, you have prior experience in criminal law matters. You may realize this time around the importance of working with an established, experienced defense lawyer. The Law Offices of Glew & Kim in Santa Ana has had extensive media exposure and has a strong track record of successful outcomes. Our most noticeable practice area is marijuana-based offenses. We also have achieved results on behalf of clients charged with many other common and serious crimes, including felonies and misdemeanors.

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