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Rape Is A Serious And Volatile Accusation — Learn About Your Rights If You Have Been Accused

We Are Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Represent People Charged With Rape In California

Rape is a serious accusation that requires the skill of an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you or a loved one has been charged with a sex crime such as rape, statutory rape or spousal rape, we urge you not to wait to retain legal counsel. The Law Offices of Glew & Kim in Santa Ana is available to evaluate your case and devise a promising defense strategy.

What Are The Accusations?

Your rape case may still be at the rumor stage or accusation stage, or police may have already charged you with a crime. In either case, you need top-notch legal advice.

Has someone accused you of forcing sexual contact although he or she was obviously incapacitated or in a state of intoxication with alcohol or any mind-altering substance? Do you have reason to believe a minor with whom you had sexual contact may accuse you of statutory rape? Has someone pointed the finger of accusation at you for a sex crime you are sure you did not commit?

Whatever the accusations or criminal charges you face, you owe it to yourself to guard your constitutional rights and your future.

For Best Results, Take Action Without Delay

In the face of accusations or criminal charges alleging rape or any sex crime, a rapid response is the most intelligent response for starters. Prompt action can help preserve your options. The sooner you have a knowledgeable defense lawyer on your side, the more effective and thorough the necessary investigation will be. Evidence such as testimony from witnesses can become less reliable and effective over time.

If you fail to take action in your own defense, you may run out of options to avoid the most damaging consequences, including a criminal record and inclusion on California’s sex offender registry.

Do You Face Damaging Accusations Or Rape Charges? Defense Attorneys At Glew & Kim Can Be Your Personal Advocates.

We welcome the opportunity to explain how we can help protect your rights and fight for the best outcome attainable in your case. Contact Glew & Kim to schedule a consultation with no further obligation.

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