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Post-Conviction Matters

Your freedom and future are at stake.

Appeal, Probation, Parole And Other Post-Conviction Matters

Criminal defense is not just about avoiding a conviction. Sometimes it means devising the next best strategy after a conviction occurs. A conviction is not necessarily the end of the story in your case. One or more of the following issues may be the best path to the best outcome achievable after you have been charged, arrested and tried on suspicion of a drug crime, a violent crime or a white collar crime:

Retrial: Your defense attorney may convince the court that you were convicted through a mistrial and request a new trial. There may have been a problem with the way the jury was selected or some other error or irregularity may indicate the case should be retried.

Appeal: Is there justification for a criminal appeal after your conviction? If your defense lawyer does not handle appeals, he or she can recommend a skilled appellate lawyer to review the trial record and determine whether this is a viable option.

Sentencing: A vigilant defense lawyer will communicate with the judge during the sentencing phase of your case, to ensure your sentencing is proper. Where there is a range of sentencing possibilities, he or she will present any evidence or arguments in support of the least punitive outcome during the sentencing phase of your case.

Probation: You may avoid trial altogether through a plea agreement that includes probation or your court trial outcome may result in probation in place of jail time. If probation is the outcome, your defense lawyer will advise you on ways to avoid violating probation.

Parole: So you served jail or prison time and now you have obtained an early release. Congratulations! Of course, you hope this is the end of incarceration. Talk to your attorney about how to prevent parole violation charges — and stay out of jail or prison.

Expungement: Ask your attorney whether expungement is a post-conviction relief option in your case.

Prevention of a “next time” occurrence: Once you have a criminal record, do not throw up your hands and consider your life’s path a lost cause. It is still possible — and important — to prevent future legal troubles that could make things worse.

A misdemeanor, for example, will not usually prevent you from owning firearms or pursuing other life goals — but a felony record will. A felony record can be a major roadblock. This is why it is so important not to get another misdemeanor conviction when a second or third case could be reclassified as a felony case.

A felony record is a challenge for most people to cope with — but a second or third felony can send you back to prison and increase stigma you may already be experiencing after the first conviction. Learn all you can about how to prevent further criminal charges after you have made it through your first criminal case culminating with a conviction.

Your defense attorney is the best source of recommendations suitable to your unique circumstances. At The Law Offices of Glew & Kim in Santa Ana, we advise and represent clients before, during and after trials and convictions. We are available to direct you in the most promising way forward at any point after you have been arrested and/or charged with a marijuana crime, domestic violence or any criminal offense.

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