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Hit and Run under Vehicle Code 20002(a) prevents a driver from fleeing the scene of an accident. You must stop and exchange information, and even in some cases, notify law enforcement. Failure to do so can result in a misdemeanor hit and run.

To avoid a hit and run:

1. You should always stop and exchange all pertinent information.

2. If no one is present, leave a note with all the pertinent information.

The consequences can have a devastating effect on your driving record, as a conviction of hit and run constitute 2 points.

If you are charged with hit and run, there are ways in which you can avoid a conviction. First, a civil compromise under Penal Code 1377, 1378 can be made with the other driver. This is a way where the other driver can agree not to prosecute in exchange for full restitution, and get your case dismissed.

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