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Common Law Violations

Your freedom and future are at stake.

Criminal Law Attorneys On Your Side

When we say we are on your side in the face of criminal charges, we mean that Glew & Kim stands behind your constitutional rights if you are accused of any common or serious criminal offense.

The Criminal Charges And Your Future

We are fully prepared through our knowledge, skills and dedication to help you make the right decisions for your future when law enforcement or prosecutors accuse you of misdemeanors or felonies such as a:

Your Constitutional Rights

Remember: When police ask you questions, you have the right to be silent, the right to be represented by a lawyer and the right to a fair trial. You have the right to freedom from unlawful search and seizure.

The Bill of Rights and numerous other federal and state laws spell out these and other legal protections. With the weight of the government against you when law enforcement agents and courts have accused you of a criminal offense, you need and deserve knowledgeable, zealous advocacy to help you assert your rights. That’s where we, the defense lawyers of Glew & Kim, come in.

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm And Your Case

We have years of experience, a proven track record of favorable outcomes and a strong worth ethic at your service. Once you decide that our law firm offers the caliber of representation you seek, we will begin:
  • Researching laws pertinent to your case
  • Analyzing known facts
  • Investigating circumstances
  • Getting to know your history and background
Applying this information, our knowledge, our experience and your collaboration, we will develop a promising defense strategy designed to minimize the impact on your life of this criminal matter. We also handle a full array of post-conviction matters, including expungement of criminal records and defense in the face of charges of probation and parole violations.

Work Directly With An Attorney; Collaborate On Your Own Defense Strategy

Have you been arrested? Were you acting in self-defense? Were you falsely accused? Were you framed and then charged with conspiracy? Do the charges match up with what really happened or are they exaggerated? Where there is a strong defense on your behalf, we will find it. We can prepare you to plead in your own best interests.

Discuss your criminal matter with an experienced defense lawyer at Glew & Kim in Santa Ana. Move one step closer to putting your criminal arrest behind you and reclaiming your future. Get in touch with one of our California criminal law attorneys at 714-713-4525 or by email to schedule an initial consultation at your convenience, with no further obligation.