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Post-Conviction Matters

Your freedom and future are at stake. Appeal, Probation, Parole And Other Post-Conviction Matters Criminal defense is not just about avoiding a conviction. Sometimes it means devising the next best strategy after a conviction occurs. A conviction is not necessarily the end of the story in your case. One or more of the following issues … Read more

Child Abuse and Molestation

Your freedom and future are at stake. Protect Your Record And Your Reputation After Being Charged With Child Abuse Or Molestation Child abuse accusations typically occur within a family. However, people outside the family with frequent contact with children often face charges, too. Priests, ministers, youth workers, teachers, coaches and day care providers are often … Read more

Juvenile Crimes

Your freedom and future are at stake. Juvenile Crimes Call For Special Handling And So Do Young Defendants Common Juvenile Offenses Many juvenile offenses charged are similar to adult crimes, ranging in seriousness from a misdemeanor for public misbehavior to felony for assault or attempted murder. Nearly a million juveniles a year are processed through the justice system, and … Read more

Grand Theft

Your freedom and future are at stake. Grand Theft Since the passage of Prop 47 which was passed in November 2014, makes Grand Theft a misdemeanor as long as the value does not exceed $950.00. If you have been convicted of a felony grand theft, please contact our office to determine if you qualify for … Read more

Petty Theft

Your freedom and future are at stake. Petty Theft Any property that is taken is valued at nine hundred fifty dollars ($950) or less, then the theft is considered the California crime of petty theft under Penal Code 484 & 488 PC. The majority of petty theft cases arise when someone simply physically takes property … Read more

Assault and Battery

Your freedom and future are at stake. Defend Your Freedom And Your Future After Being Arrested For Assault And Battery Circumstances leading to criminal charges of assault and battery run the full gamut from neighborhood squabbles to bar brawls and domestic violence. The crime of assault refers to an intentional attempt to injure someone. Assault … Read more

Domestic Violence

Your freedom and future are at stake. Facing Domestic Violence Charges? Get Legal Advice And Representation Promptly For Best Results. The term “domestic violence” normally refers to violence or threats of violence upon someone in the same household or in a present or past intimate or family relationship — usually one of the following: A … Read more

Federal Crimes

Your freedom and future are at stake. Aggressive Defense Of Federal Crimes The difference between a state crime and a federal crime sometimes has to do with severity or degree of an offense, such as: Drug trafficking charges involving large quantities of controlled substances Theft by fraud and other theft cases involving residents of different states and high dollar … Read more

Felonies And Misdemeanors

Your freedom and future are at stake. We Defend Californians Charged With Felonies And Misdemeanors How Felonies And Misdemeanors Differ Felonies and misdemeanors differ in numerous ways. The most important distinction to understand is that felonies are more serious and carry substantially higher sentences. If you have been charged with a felony and we defend … Read more