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Prescription Drug Crimes

Your freedom and future are at stake.

Defense For Prescription Drug Crime Charges

he widespread abuse of opioids in this country can lead people with legitimate prescriptions to think it is an ordinary practice to share extra pills with a friend. Doing this can put you at risk of being arrested on suspicion of illegal distribution of a controlled substance. You may have thought you were being helpful and not committing a crime, but the law says otherwise.

Even if you have a prescription for the pills in your possession, you may be charged with a crime for carrying them in any way other than in their marked original bottle. Carrying them in an unofficial daily dose container puts you at risk of criminal charges when going through airport security or anyplace where they may be detected. You may have discovered these facts the unpleasant way, after you were arrested for transporting your own prescribed pain medications out of their original bottle.

As harmless as any of these actions may seem to you, an arrest and conviction can lead to a criminal record and related repercussions such as ineligibility for federal student loans. Yes, it is that serious even though the circumstances seem minor to you.

Your prescription drug charges may have come about through more serious, less casual, circumstances such as:

  • Stealing, possessing, purchasing, selling or redistributing through unlawful channels narcotic medications such as oxycodone, OxyContin, Percocet, fentanyl or Tylenol with codeine.
  • Pilfering drugs (narcotic or otherwise) from patients’ doses or controlled supplies while at your workplace as a pharmacist, pharmacy assistant, nurse, nurse’s aide, doctor or any other healthcare professional.
  • Driving under the influence of prescription narcotics whether or not you had a prescription for the medication.
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