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Two Juveniles and Two Adults Arrested for Huntington Beach Stabbing

This morning four people were arrested in connection with a fatal stabbing of a 19-year-old male from Huntington Beach, according to police Lt. Russell Reinhart of Huntington Beach police department.

Why did we say “people”? Because two adults and two juveniles constituted the four arrested, which seems very strange. They were arrested during a car stop in Garden Grove in the area of Garden Grove Blvd. and Gilbert Avenue, Reinhart said, and officers ordered the four out of the car with guns drawn.

So, the police definitely brought guns to a knife fight, then-the victim, while obviously not able to recover from the attack, only sustained a single stab wound. The police talked to several witnesses, and the police suspected that there was only one attacker. These were not frenzied, Manson-style killers, yet police ordered the adults AND minors out of the car at gunpoint.

Perhaps it was justified, perhaps it was heavy-handed. The arrestees should be happy they weren’t in Fullerton. Reinhart reported that although there are additional leads that detectives are following up on, no other known suspects are being pursued. The names of just the adults arrested and the victim will be released later today.

The stabbing was reported to the Huntington Beach police department at 9:40 p.m. Wednesday night, and they found the victim in Lark View Park. He had sustained a single stab wound, and was taken to UCI Medical Center in critical condition. He was pronounced dead at the hospital later last evening.

Did parents bring their juveniles with them to a meeting that turned into a crime scene? Were these people at the wrong place at the wrong time? Did you witness what happened last night? Please let us know by commenting, below.

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