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Would-Be Robber Puts Mask On Too Early

You know how your dog knows somehow when it’s time for a bath? They have some sort of extra-sensory perception that can almost read our minds. Or perhaps it’s the doggie shampoo and towels we put by the bath. They may not be able to read, but they’re not stupid.

And neither is the bank clerk from First Bank and Trust’s Laguna Niguel branch. Seeing how our weather is pretty warm still for October and we haven’t seen snow in these parts since…well, ever, the female clerk must have noticed that a ski mask was not called for yesterday at about 1:20 p.m.

She saw the man actually putting on the mask as he approached the bank. Really? Even if no actual person saw you, Mr. Robber, don’t you think they have security cameras outside that may have caught an image of your face as you approached?

Sensibly, the woman in the bank triggered an emergency lock, obviously not wanting to be held at gunpoint on a Tuesday afternoon. Not so sensibly, the would-be robber decided to pound on the doors with his fists and demand to be let in, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Roland Chacon.

The man seemed to regain some amount of sense, as he fled on food as deputies arrived on the scene, and managed to get away. Authorities searched a nearby movie theater, as the man was seen running towards it, but did not locate him.

Luckily for the First Bank and Trust on Rancho Niguel Road the man was not able to enter the building-although no weapon was seen, it seems unlikely that anyone would try to hold up a bank with just a ski mask and their charming smile. There has not been a detailed description released yet; authorities have only described a white male with a shaved head.

Let’s hope he has learned his lesson that crime, indeed, does not pay, but if he doesn’t, we know a great criminal lawyer. This man, or anyone else accused of a robber or burglary, can call the Law Offices of Glew & Kim on 714-713-4525, or use our online form for a Free Case Analysis. We believe in equal access to justice for all, even if you’ve made a mistake.