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Why Mention Marijuana Possession with Dog Attack?

Today one of the Orange County Register’s headlines was quite perplexing: “Pot found at home where dog attacked boy”.

We understand that a dog attacking a two-year-old child can be considered news (and probably child endangerment charges against the parent), but how does the marijuana come into the report? The woman whose son was involved in the attack was not even the resident of the home, she was just house-sitting for a friend. Therefore the fact that Fullerton Police officers “found marijuana being grown and processed at the house” should not have been included in this article at all.

Unless they are trying to insinuate that the woman’s ability to be a good parent, house sitter or dog handler was impaired by marijuana use? It seems to be sensationalistic at best, and at worst, fostering negative feelings and stereotypes against both marijuana use and pit bulls.

No arrests have been made, so obviously the police haven’t arrested the woman for possession, although the article does say that authorities are “investigating the marijuana and the possibility of child endangerment.”

Child endangerment-there seems to be more of an issue here about that rather than drug possession. In defense of the dog, we wonder why anyone would leave a child of any age alone with a dog, especially one that is not theirs? A two-year-old cannot comprehend what could happen if they provoke an animal-even a cat, let alone a pit bull. The child could have unintentionally harmed the dog, causing the dog to react defensively. The woman told officers she left the room for a moment, which is (clearly) long enough for something unpleasant to occur.

It won’t be a nice homecoming for the homeowner to come home and find their dog put down and an investigation into what could very well be their legal medical marijuana growth because of their friend’s actions.

What do you think about this article? Do you feel that the mother is the victim here? Or do you think she did endanger her child by leaving him alone with a friend’s dog? Do you feel that the mention of marijuana is unnecessary, or that it has bearing on the incident? We eagerly look forward to reading your comments on this case, especially since pit bulls and medical marijuana are subjects that people feel very strongly about either way.

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