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Verdict on McLaughlin Case To Be Revealed Later Today

In what has been a very long and arduous process, the case of the killing of William F. McLaughlin in 1994 will come to a close today. There has been a lot of time spent gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and investigating statements and timing to build a case against Nanette Johnston, the now 46-year-old ex-girlfriend of McLaughlin who has been accused of killing him. She allegedly made the keys for her lover at the time, Eric Naposki, so that he could sneak into the house and kill McLaughlin while she had the alibi of being out shopping.

Her defense has been based on Eric Naposki, alleging that he killed McLaughlin on his own accord out of jealousy for Johnston. We will find out today if the jury agreed with Johnston’s allegations, or if they will agree with prosecutor Matt Murphy, who alleges that Johnston manipulated Naposki into killing for her so that he would not find out about her infidelity or her embezzlement, and also benefit from his life insurance payout.

Her fate is in the hands of the jurors now. Naposki was convicted of special circumstances murder last year and is awaiting his sentence, which could be life in prison. To read more about the story, click here for a Los Angeles Times story.

As in the case of the Scott Dekraai, the man who killed eight people in Seal Beach last year, do you feel that Naposki and (if convicted) Johnston should get the death penalty? Or do you feel that this is one of those cases where guilt cannot be proved to the degree where the death penalty should be invoked? Or do you feel that “an eye for an eye” justice should prevail here? Will life in prison be enough? Please let us know your feelings on this very controversial and important legal and moral issue.

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