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Suspect Arrested in Yorba Linda Double Homicide

Car alarms are annoying. Do car manufacturers actually think that residents are calling the police when an alarm goes off? No, we feel guilty, make sure it’s not ours, then curse the person who either set it off, or isn’t turning it off. We don’t pay attention anymore.

Sometimes, this can also be the case with funny noises you hear in the neighborhood. Was that just a local kid screaming in fun, or a woman in fear for her life? It’s hard to tell. And we’d like to commend the neighbor in the Trix Circle area of Yorba Linda for actually picking up the phone and making the call.

According to Lt. Darrin Devereux of the Yorba Linda Police Department, a man reported hearing loud banging noises and odd sounds coming from a residence in his neighborhood at about 11:30 p.m. Authorities responding to the disturbance call found a large amount of blood near the front door of the property, and when exploring further, saw two bodies through a rear sliding door. When the officers entered the home after seeing the bodies, they found that the man and woman were dead. The couple were rental tenants of the residence, where they had lived for about a year.

Police have not specified the cause of the two deaths, but the mention of pools of blood makes one assume that it was a violent event. Authorities have not divulged what led investigators to focus on Eder Giovanni Herrera, 24, nor have they revealed the relationship between him and the couple found in the home.

After officers found the bodies, detectives tracked down Herrera at another residence in east Yorba Linda, said Sgt. Jim Griffin of the Brea Police Department. They arrested him as he drove away from that property, just before 6 a.m. and is charged on suspicion of two counts of homicide. There are no other suspects in the case.

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