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Police Search for Three Bodies After San Clemente Arrest

If you were trying to drive south of Mission Viejo on the 5 Freeway last night, you might have been blocked from doing so. The police had to shut down both sides of the freeway in San Clemente in order to stop a man after a car chase and arrest him on suspicion of murder.

Shazer Fernando Limas was taken into custody after the police finally caught him, as when they tried to pull over his Nissan 350Z near John Wayne Airport last night, he led them on a high-speed chase down the I-405 to the I-5. When he finally stopped near the San Clemente Border Patrol checkpoint, it was almost 8:00 p.m. when they were able to arrest him.

The arrest comes after two weeks’ worth of investigation by police, which was sparked by the property manager of Limas’ prior apartment, who found what he thought were several blood stains inside the vacant Orange apartment. It’s thought that Limas is responsible for the death of his girlfriend, Arlet Hernandez Contreras, 31; and their two sons, a four month old and a 2 year old.

“Based on the totality of our investigation, the evidence that we’ve collected and after speaking with our suspect, we are confident that he is our suspect and he will be booked in Orange County Jail for three counts of murder,” Orange police Sergeant Dan Adams said in an early-morning press conference.

Investigators believe that Limas had an altercation with Contreras, possibly as much as two weeks ago, and that’s when the three were killed. They have checked the local landfill in Brea in case the bodies had been dumped in a trash bin at the complex, but the police have yet to locate the bodies. Limas has as yet not revealed where the bodies are.

That is, if Limas is actually the murderer. We know that investigators routinely look at the husband/partner first, and yet we are unclear what they have uncovered that makes them so sure that Limas is the murderer. Plus, without the bodies there is a lot of forensic evidence missing-and by this amount of time having passed since the alleged murder, will any evidence remain if they do find the bodies?

Do you feel that Limas is guilty? Do you believe, like many commenters on the story, that Limas is definitely guilty, and the police should have just shot Limas to alleviate the state from having to pay for him being in jail? Hopefully our readers believe in the principles that the country was founded on, like being assumed innocent until proven guilty.

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