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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

This month we’ll be posting a few blogs about domestic violence in support of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and today we have a doozy. It’s a testament to the seriousness of the story when there’s a lot of boxes checked in the “Categories” section, and this one covers many: domestic violence, assault and battery, assault with a weapon, and our favorite, police misconduct.

That’s not even a hat-trick, that’s the whole kit and kaboodle, and no one must feel the sadness of it than the live-in girlfriend of Los Angeles police narcotics detective Richard Womack. The woman in question, who shall remain nameless to protect her identity, is hopefully not currently Womack’s live-in girlfriend after the two separate attacks that he has been charged with.

The Los Angeles district attorney’s office reports that the 49-year old officer was taken into custody last month by Long Beach police. The official charges he’s being held on are multiple felony counts, including domestic violence, making criminal threats and false imprisonment by violence.

The abuse started in October of 2010, according to prosecutors, who allege that Womack struck the woman with a knife and threatened her with a gun. Sounds like a real nice guy. The next incident happened this August, when he fought with the woman in front of her friends and threatened her with a piece of wood.

If convicted on all counts, Womack faces up to 19 years in prison. Now, we understand that a detective’s job is tough, and the stress of the job must wear on them constantly. But is that a reason, or a justification, for acting out against and harming others? We think not-these men and women of the police force are meant to protect and serve, not beat the crap out of those who love them when the job gets tough.

For those of you out there who are suffering with domestic violence, please seek help. There are several organizations out there who can give you the information you need to escape your situation and protect you and your children. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is one, and in our local area, there is The Eli Home and Laura’s House. Both of the latter organizations offer shelter and resources, and are located in Orange County-Santa Ana and Ladera Ranch, respectively. All three of these organizations are happy to accept donations of money or volunteered time, for those of you with the ability to give.

If you need help with a domestic violence legal battle, custody cases or restraining orders, please call the Law Offices of Glew & Kim immediately on 714-713-4525, or use our online form for a Free Case Analysis. We believe in equal access to justice for all, and we’re here to help.

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