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More Guns at Orange County Schools

If it’s not one thing it’s another with teenagers. Now it seems that they feel that guns are an acceptable way to deal with problems among their fellow students.

On Sunday, a Ladera Ranch mother reported that her 15-year-old son had been threatened by another San Juan Hills High School student on January 11th. Allegedly the other student told her son that he was going to bring a gun to school and shoot him.

Ladera Ranch is a far cry from Santa Ana, where it would not be as much of a stretch to think that a student would bring a gun to high school, even though their gang problems have declined over the past year. Ladera Ranch is an engineered community of upper-middle-class families who, on the surface, wouldn’t ever see the need to use a gun ever.

So why is this happening? How exactly did those kids at Columbine become heroes? Whatever happened to punching each other (not that we condone fights at school either, but people rarely die from getting punched by another 15 year old)? Or arguing? Or wedgies? Why do teens feel that guns are the way to solve their high-school problems?

Research has shown that violent video games do cause increased aggression, and that could possibly be part of this growing gun problem at our schools. Gangs across the country are luring youths to be new members with violent video games and guns as gifts. Luckily the Red Cross will not be charging Call of Duty players with war crimes, as it was alleged a while back. But is anyone doing anything about our children seeing the only answer to conflict as a gun?

What do you feel about the recurring violence and guns in our schools? Who do you feel should be responsible for stopping it? Do you feel that it is something that starts at the family level? Or does peer pressure or bullying start it? Please leave a comment below about your experience with gun control and our schools.

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