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Man Robs Subway at Gunpoint in Placentia

Obviously smarter than the two men who netted a whole $4 from their attempted robbery last weekend, this man used a gun and knew where the safe was in the Subway sandwich shop on Chapman and Bradford in Placentia.

Ordering a Subway sandwich at 9:30 p.m. on a Saturday night shouldn’t indicate a robbery is about to take place, rather a health-and-wallet conscious person, but not last weekend. This as-yet unidentified man had it all planned out, according to Placentia police Detective Bryce Angel.

The man waited for the female employee to start making the sandwich, then mentioned he was going to go ask his wife what she’d like to eat; within 15 minutes he returned. Although the sandwich was complete, the man had a different “to-go” item in mind. As the employee opened the cash register, the robber pulled a chrome handgun from his jacket and demanded the money in the drawer. He then jumped over the counter and ordered both employees, the female who made the sandwich and a male who was washing dishes, to the back to open the safe.

Up until this point, everything seemed to be going well. The hitch was that neither of the employees were able to open the safe. He ordered them both to lie on the floor, grabbed the several hundred dollars in the register and the male employees wallet, and walked out.

Luckily, there were no customers in the restaurant when the robbery happened, although that was probably planned by the robber, who seemed like he may have done this before, said Angel. “He appears calm and stays in the business for about five minutes.”

Described as black, between 30 and 40 years old, about 5’8″ to 5’10” tall and around 200 pounds, the man also had a moustache and some sort of tattoo or scar in the shape of a “squiggly line” on the left side of his neck. He was wearing black from head to toe.

But what we want to know is: did he take the sandwich, too?

If you see this suspect, please call Detective Angel at (714) 993-8187 and make sure you give the suspect our number too: 714-713-4525. He’ll need a good criminal defense attorney when he does get caught-which he probably will, since his face can be seen on the security footage.

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