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Knife-Wielding Man Shot by Garden Grove Police

We certainly don’t advocate police shooting civilians, but if you run around chasing people with a knife, something’s going to happen. And it’s probably not going to be good. But does it have to be fatal?

Take a certain man (who will remain nameless until his family has been notified) who rampaged through a Garden Grove suburb on Saturday evening, around 6:45 p.m. He was allegedly armed with a knife and chasing people, plus the police had reports of the same man breaking windows and starting a fire near Strathmore Drive and Dorada Avenue.

According to a statement released by the Garden Grove Police Department, officers who responded to the reports found the man at the intersection noted above, and demanded several times to drop the knife. He did not comply, according to police, who also reported that the suspect had more than one knife on him. Police consequently shot the man, who died at the scene, although they have not released certain facts: How many officers were there? How many officers fired their guns?

Now we know that Garden Grove is not high on the list of safest cities to live in Orange County, but it’s not likely that someone (in their right mind) would assume that they need several knives to get through the area. Now, if you’re hell-bent on causing mayhem, destroying property, starting fires and terrorizing people by chasing them with said knives, you’re asking for trouble.

That said, we’re wondering about the guy who brought a knife to a gunfight. Did the officers have to shoot him fatally? Was there a way to disarm or disable him so he was unable to use the knives or run away?

We’re wondering because it sounded like there were a lot of officers on the scene, according to eye-witness and resident Dawn Aragon, who has lived near the intersection for 15 years. She said she’d heard some commotion and a gunshot on Saturday evening, according to the Orange County Register. She went outside and saw an officer performing CPR on the fallen man; she also saw several police vehicles, about 15 officers and paramedics arriving shortly after she witnessed the scene.

Of course, the incident will be investigated by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the Garden Grove Police Department, as is routine with any officer-involved shooting, as this is the sixth officer-involved shooting in Orange County in four months.

Are the police just trigger-happy? Or are our Southern California residents committing suicide by cop? Or did these situations just get out of hand and the officers had no other choice? What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.

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