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Irvine Cove Robbery by White Supremacists

This case is not showing white supremacists in their best light-that is, if there is a “good” light for white supremacists to be shown in. We doubt it, but the white supremacists may try to make a case. They won’t use this one as an example, though.

Here’s a story that sounds like it’s out of a TV crime show. Not only were the robbers caught after the caper, but the victim found out that his “girlfriend” set him up.

So the intended victim and his “girlfriend” are walking down Riviera Drive in the gated community of Irvine Cove on Sunday night around 8:30 p.m. A robber approached them from behind, and forced the man to lie in the street and hand over his valuables, which turned out to be his wallet, a new iPhone 4GS and the keys to his 2003 Mercedes. The robber brandished a knife and threatened to stab the victim if he did not give up his possessions, and after he did, the robber fled in the now stolen Mercedes.

On Monday, the authorities arrested the two accomplices to the crime after locating the car at a Costa Mesa hotel, one of which was the female robbery “victim”. After interviews, Alana Hayes, 27, admitted that she had staged the crime with her cohort Tasmen Lamont Lorenson, 29, of Costa Mesa because she thought her “boyfriend” would have expensive belongings in his possession at the time of the robbery, according to Laguna Beach police Lt. Jason Kravetz. The police took her into custody at the home of the male victim, and learning of her involvement was probably more shocking to him than the robbery itself.

Lorenson was arrested on three felony charges of robbery, auto theft and conspiracy to commit a crime; Cassaira Leann Simmons, 19, also of Costa Mesa, for possession of stolen property as she allegedly drove the stolen car; and Alana Cosette Hayes, 27, of Mission Viejo, for four felony charges of robbery, auto theft, conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of a controlled substance.

Kravetz reported that all three were associated in some way with various Orange County white supremacist groups, although this crime does not seem to be part of a bigger plot.

Hayes must have been quite the little actress to pull of the stunt without her “boyfriend” getting wind of what was really up. These three will probably need some good representation in court, since they were caught red-handed.

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