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Hollywood Hills Reveal Murdered Body, In Parts

Hollywood has, over its long and storied life as America’s home of film and TV production, presented us with hundreds of scenarios like the one that actually happened on Tuesday. What episode of CSI, Hawaii 5-0 or other crime drama doesn’t start with a person walking around, minding their own business and… “Oh, what’s that?” (cue scream)-the camera zooms in on the dead body.

But in a tale where life very much imitates art, a Los Angeles dog walker and her mother were walking through Bronson Canyon, a lesser traveled hiking trail than the popular Runyon Canyon nearby with nine dogs. Now, with nine canine noses excitedly tracking for a sniff of anything more novel than the neighborhood cat, it’s not surprising that Ollie, the Golden Retriever (we kid you not), was the one to discover the bag, tear it open and-true to his nature-retrieve a human head.

After calling 911, the police and homicide detectives moved in, and discovered that the man had probably been dead for one or two days, and appeared to be between the ages of 40 and 50. It’s very likely, say detectives, that the killing happened elsewhere and that the body (parts-all body parts have not yet been found) was dumped in the park.

Commander Andrew Smith from the LAPD says that they are hoping to find more remains, and the problem might be that wild animals have moved some of the body parts since Tuesday.

According to urban legend, like the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas, the Hollywood Hills are a popular place to dispose of dead bodies. We will be following the story to see if they can find who is responsible. The man has not been identified as of yet, but the detectives are hoping that the hands found yesterday will provide a suitable fingerprint.

A amusing tidbit we heard on NPR this morning: The cadaver dog that found the hands and feet is called “Indiana Bones.” Luckily, the poor dog is unlikely to get the pun.

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