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Guilty Verdict for Carney in Marine Shooting

Yesterday afternoon, the verdict came through from the jury on Christian William Carney, 25, of Manorville, NY. He was found guilty of murder, criminal threats and attempting to dissuade a witness. They did not hand down the sentencing enhancement, since the jury did not feel that Carney had used a gun, a charge that would have added 25 years to his sentence.

It seems that what finally convinced the jury he was guilty were the alleged lies he told, two in particular. One was testifying that Stephen Serrano was fatally shot by another Marine earlier than the time he was actually killed-although we’re still not sure why that was so intrinsic to the case, from the facts we have.

The second lie was that Carney testified that he had no idea that Alvin Reed Lovely, 24, of Dallas, TX would shoot Serrano during the confrontation. The prosecution showed that Carney did know that Lovely had a gun, so he should have been aware of the potential for deadly violence. One juror in particular, who was not identified, said that this was the main reason that Carney was found guilty.

Defense attorney Jennifer Keller was said to be disappointed in the verdict, and we don’t blame her. She argued that the facts showed that Lovely shot and killed Serrano, not her client.

“This was really a case of somebody picking the wrong companion, and he’s going to suffer for the rest of his life for it,” Keller was quoted as saying. Carney faces 28 years and eight months in prison when sentenced on January 20 by Superior Court Judge William Froeberg. He has already been tried and court-martialed for drug dealing at Camp Pendleton and is serving six years, according to testimony. Lovely, on the other hand, will be tried later on charges of murder, criminal threats and using a gun, facing 38 years to life if convicted.

Do you feel that justice was served here? Is Carney being sentenced for a murder he did not commit? Or do you feel that by not stopping it he is also guilty of murder? Please leave your comments below.

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