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Fullerton: It’s Halloween Every Day

Remember when we were kids, and the worst thing you had to worry about was razorblades in the apples you got for Halloween? Well, as with everything else, it seems that the risks are even worse than that now. It’s not even Halloween yet, and already we’ve got horrific stories of pedophiles luring children with candy and ice cream. And not just any pedophiles — a brotherly team from where? You guessed it: The wonderful streets of Fullerton.

Riverside has already banned registered sex offenders from participating in Halloween. They’re not allowed to decorate their house, leave their lights on or pass out candy. What about those that aren’t registered sex offenders? We don’t know where they are!

Luckily, one of the victims of Cristobal Ortiz Rodriguez and Eduardo Ortiz Rodriguez told a family member about the assaults and the brothers were arrested on August 26, 2011. Some of the victims were as young as 3-years-old-the only redeeming piece of news in this case is that the two were arrested and have had bail set at $1 million each.

We won’t go into more detail than this, but the two brothers, Cristobal at 35 and Eduardo at 33 years of age, are charged with lewd acts on a child, sexual penetration of a child and an allegation that sex crimes were committed against more than one victim.

We hope that another benefit of this case can be awareness; that parents can foster good communication between family members so that children feel comfortable about speaking up against this kind of abuse.

And please take care this Halloween. Accompany your children on their candy-collecting rounds in the neighborhood, and travel in packs with other families. Use flashlights and make sure youngsters with mobile phones have them on, and secured on their person. Make sure it’s a happy Halloween.

No child should have their life potentially ruined by any type of abuse, be it mental, physical or sexual. If your children have been molested or abused in any way, please call the Law Offices of Glew & Kim immediately on 714-713-4525, or use our online form for a Free Case Analysis. We believe in equal access to justice for all-including children.

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