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Costa Mesa Love Triangle Ends in Machete Fight

We don’t know about most people in Costa Mesa, or even Orange County, but who has a machete lying around? Apparently, at least one man in Orange County does, and he’s not afraid to use it.

He was, in all fairness, trying to defend himself. He probably did not expect his girlfriend’s ex-husband to track him down and douse him in pepper spray. It’s not hard to figure out who broke up with who in that relationship…

According to investigators, it seems that the altercation began with the ex-husband driving around Costa Mesa looking for his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. He spotted the boyfriend in a car, and for some unknown reason, both men pulled over to a gas station in the 3000 block of Fairview, said police Sgt. Matt Grimmond.

A fight ensued, hopefully not like a high-school fight, where there’s several minutes of two males pushing each other. Probably not, as there was pepper spray and a machete involved. It sounds like these two got down to business.

The ex-husband seems to have lost the fight he started, with a broken arm and cuts to one of his elbows and his legs, and was off to the hospital. The police are still looking for the boyfriend, who left the scene before officers arrived, probably realizing that he’d done enough damage to his attacker and didn’t need to rub salt in his wounds.

Do you think the boyfriend should be arrested for assault? Or do you think he used his machete in an understandable manner, in self-defense? Do you think that the ex-husband was in any way justified in attacking a man who was dating his ex-wife? What if the marriage broke up because of this man? Should he blame his wife, not the new boyfriend?

As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do, but we prefer for people to use family law attorneys and the justice system, rather than mace and machetes. If you choose the former instead of the latter, have our number on hand-we’ll be on your side.

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