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California Supreme Court Reviewing Marijuana Dispensaries in Lake Forest

The controversial Court of Appeals decision regarding medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation will be reviewed by the California Supreme Court, as agreed yesterday.

This past March, the Appeals Court ruled that cities cannot shut down a medical marijuana dispensary that cultivates its own marijuana. Thusly, they ruled in favor of Evergreen Holistic, a former Lake Forest medical marijuana collective-a decision their attorney was very pleased about. David Welch, a Los Angeles-based attorney, pointed out that the decision was significant because it showed that there were dispensaries operating legally. “Now cities have to prove that [the dispensaries are] operating illegally,” said Welch.

But Jeff Dunn, who has represented the city for more than two years in its fight against dispensaries, is happy for the Supreme Court review. He says that it will impact every city, and that “the court will be providing much-needed guidance in this ever-changing area of law.”

And while we agree that there needs to be some guidance from the lawmakers on how cities deal with medical marijuana dispensaries, we worry that people like Dunn are trying to categorically shut every dispensary down without a care for those who depend on them for alleviating their symptoms. Dunn has gone as far as to say that there has been “lots of crime including murders” where medical marijuana dispensaries are operating. We’d like to see the statistics to back that claim up, as “lots” doesn’t give us a true picture of the amount of crime. But that seems to work for most who oppose marijuana, medical or otherwise.

How do you feel about this decision? Do you live near a medical marijuana dispensary? Do you feel that they are good or bad for your community? Do you know a person, or have a family member, who have used marijuana to alleviate the pain from their illness? Please leave your comments below.

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