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Burglary Victim Arrested for Possession is Cleared Before Trial by Glew & Kim

Instead of serving 120 days in jail, 120 days of Caltrans service and three years of probation, Christopher M. Glew’s client left a branch court in Whittier with full dismissal of all charges.

The dismissed charges were a true triumph for Glew’s client, especially after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office refused to discuss the case, review the facts nor try and negotiate; they only stated the offer from the prosecution.

The facts of the case were very clear cut, according to Glew, stating that his client was a victim twice: first by those who burglarized his home, then by the officers called to the scene to investigate. After the police arrived, Glew’s client asked the officers to thoroughly check his property to ensure that the perpetrators had truly left the premises. The officers found a small amount of marijuana grow on the property, well within the limits of legal growth, and arrested the victim.

“My client was part of a legitimate medical marijuana collective,” Christopher Glew emphasized. “There were only three individuals involved in the collective, and there was absolutely no money changing hands. There was no reason for the police to arrest him.”

When the case finally ended up in a branch court in Whittier and the facts of the case were explained, justice prevailed, and all charges were dropped.

A future case for Glew, which will be going to trial, is one of an Orange County man who was the victim of a home invasion. After being robbed and suffering a skull fracture from a pistol-whipping, the victim called the police and honestly reported what was stolen by the home invaders. The officers used that information to arrest Glew’s client.

“It is yet another example of how the victim becomes victimized yet again, but this time by the officers sent to help him,” explains Glew. “We need to stop this pattern, and now.”

The Law Offices of Glew & Kim, P.C. is a criminal defense law firm specializing in marijuana law. The firm is based in Santa Ana, California. Initial consultations are always free and payment plans are accepted. The highest percentage of their cases involve drug and marijuana-related offenses. The firm is dedicated to the reform of marijuana laws through organizations such as the Marijuana Policy Project, NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and Americans for Safe Access. 

Christopher M. Glew began focusing on drug and marijuana-related offenses in 2002. Mr. Glew has a strong background of advocacy for the re-classification of marijuana and other schedule I substances that have empirically demonstrated therapeutic applications. Mr. Glew utilizes his extensive pharmacological and scientific knowledge of substances to best serve his clients. Mr. Glew is first and foremost an advocate for change and will represent each and every client charged with a marijuana/drug offense with the most zealous defense.

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