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Attempted Abduction and High-Speed Chase from Laguna to Anaheim

At 8:20 p.m. Tuesday night, 9-1-1 received a call from a person reporting that a man had jumped from bushes as they arrived home, and that the man was her mother’s ex-husband trying to abduct their 4-year-old son.

As if that wasn’t enough, the caller reported that the attacker was a member of a white supremacist group, an MMA fighter and Public Enemy Number One. The police responded to the call with sirens and flashing lights to the Laguna Canyon residence after identifying the man as Darryl James Mason, 42, of Huntington Beach.

As the police arrived, they noted Mason and an unidentified female passenger driving eastbound through the Canyon in a silver Hyundai-on the wrong side of the road-making their way to the 73 Toll Road up Newport Coast. At speeds of 100 mph near the toll plaza, the suspects were then chased by the California Highway Patrol to the Garden Grove Freeway (57) in Anaheim, where they were finally apprehended.

According to Stu News Laguna, the CHP arrested Mason and charged him with felony evading and to unspecified felony warrants. Laguna Beach Police Department Lt. Jason Kravetz has reported that his department had added a charge of felony terrorist threats stemming from the incident on Stans Lane in the Canyon, where the ambush occurred.

Car chase aside, child custody battles can be difficult to understand from an outsider’s perspective. This is not the first time in the past six months where a father has taken severe measures in response to a child custody battle. Sadly, that father’s actions were deadly, not just for the mother, but for seven other people at the Meritage Salon in Seal Beach last October. When legal avenues frustrate those involved, it can push people to take action in ways they may have never considered in the past, or even felt themselves capable of doing.

How do you feel about either of these cases? Do you feel that they show the need for better ways for the justice system to deal with child custody? Do you feel that it is understandable that people take the law into their own hands this way? Or do you feel that they should respect the decision of the courts? Please add your comments below. We always appreciate hearing the experiences of our readers-it gives a greater understanding to the stories we report on.

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