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Another Victim Comes Forward Against Placentia Doctor

Doesn’t it make you wonder about society when people in positions of power can abuse those they are supposed to protect? Often we’ve spoken of police misconduct in this blog, but now here’s one from the medical profession.

We’ve all heard the urban myths about women waking up from anesthesia to find the doctor/dentist/medical “professional” sexually abusing them in some way. Sadly, this story is no urban myth.

A third charge of sexual assault has been filed against Yashwant B. Giri, an anesthesiologist who works at Placentia-Linda Hospital, this time by a 28-year-old woman. She alleged that the incident happened in April 2010 before she was placed under anesthesia for surgery in a private room before being taken to the operating room. The woman only came forward last week after the urging of her family and therapist, according to her statement.

The other two charges were in February 2009 from a 16-year-old girl and a 36-year-old woman in March of this year. All were undergoing surgery at the Placentia-Linda Hospital, and authorities say that they have witnesses from hospital staff who saw the abuse take place.

Giri is out on bond, according to court records, but expected to appear back in court on November 14.

If you were also a victim of Giri’s or a witness to these or any additional incidents, please contact Detective Corrine Loomis at (714) 993-8193. Don’t let the abuse go unpunished and unresolved.

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