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Another Craigslist Rape Case, But This One Dismissed

Sometimes we wonder: Has Craigslist been reduced to an online site for real-estate scams and sex for money? Does anyone really believe anything that’s posted on the site anymore? Or are there people out there who understand the thinly veiled code contained in the titles?

Fullerton resident Michael Delgado thought he was reading between the lines when he ordered a “cleaning service” to come to his house in June of last year. And although he can be charged with refusing to pay for services, the defense attorney Bradley Corbett argued that client, 27, had conversations with friends who had made him believe that the “maid services” on Internet ads were really for paid sexual encounters.

Superior Court Judge Steven Bromberg declared a mistrial in January after jurors deadlocked at an 8-4 vote against conviction. Michael Delgado faced six felony counts, including forcible rape, sexual assault and false imprisonment by violence. Deputy District Attorney Mark Birney wanted to retry the case, but on Monday Bromberg ruled on a defense motion to dismiss the case and threw out all charges.

“He was crying, his family was crying,” Corbett said to the City News Service. “He was offered plea bargains along the way and he repeatedly turned down the plea bargains because he insisted on his innocence. He was adamant from the very beginning he did not do this, he was not a monster. Getting his life back for him one was one of the greatest things.”

So, what do you think happened? Was this a misunderstanding on Delgado’s part, thinking that a housecleaner was a prostitute? Or was it a prostitute getting back at a client who didn’t pay by bringing charges against him? If this case is thrown out of court, what about other men who have been accused of rape after using Craigslist ads? Please let us know how you weigh in on this contentious subject by using our comments box below.

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